About Us

FOMWAUK is a not for profit Muslim Women’s Charity organization with the company number 09782321 and modelled after its Nigerian counterpart (FOMWAN) as a federation of various groups and individuals. FOMWAUK is a da’awah and charitable organization managed by volunteers, Board of Directors and Executives, most of whom are professionals with admirable expertise and skills to share.
We at FOMWAUK aim to provide support and guidance for the families to have Healthy living (Women’s health specifically), Parenting (upbringing of children and effective parenting), Women and Family Empowerment, providing guidance on religious, social and family needs. Of particular interest to the women is the welfare and support for the young and vulnerable members of the community.
By coming together, the FOMWAUK members has establish networking and partnership with likeminded members from various group, community organizations and professional bodies to share knowledge, create awareness and support a shared vision of religious advancement and development for our communities.
FOMWAUK since establishment in 2012 has held workshops, events, congress, seminars and conferences to support our aims and objectives in community development , religion advancement & the support of the Muslim women & their families, most of which are nationally recognized as reflected by organization of the Women congress in March in conjunction with International Women’s day Celebration