Events and Activities

FOMWAUK since establishment in 2012 has held workshops, events, congress, seminars and conferences to support our aims and objectives in community development , religion advancement & the support of the Muslim women & their families, most of which are nationally recognized as reflected by organization of the Women congress in March in conjunction with International Women’s day Celebration.

Our Annual Events are:
(1) Careers Day to help our youths & Young adults in choosing the right GCSE Subjects, A Levels, & Adults to be good at work, move up or change career & our next one is happening Saturday 30th July 2016.
(2) Our Annual Women Congress looks into various themes annually targeted at supporting our women & girls from Women’s health, Puberty changes or help Women to Stand tall in the society.
(3) Our Annual Marriage & Family lives Conference looks into helping every Muslim woman & her families to get the best out of marriage life, prevent domestic violence & enhanced a healthy relationship between the husband & wife & also with the children & the extended families’ system.
(4) Our Annual Women’s health Seminar looks into helping women to into their health and take care of themselves.
We organize events & partner with organizations to promote community cohesion, child protection against being vulnerable and integration of women & their families into the community. We also have weekly activities for children, these include; Bed time stories, outdoor & indoor games & activities to help them develop well and contribute to the development of their communities. We also have Qur’an and Hadith classes to help support religious advancement.